Using The Law of Attraction

choosing our direction of focus

You can never escape using the law of attraction, for this law of affinity is always present, always active. However, you can use the law of attraction consciously, thus creating your own reality with the full knowledge that you are doing so.

For the past few days I’ve been enjoying a lively discussion with a visitor from my site. (for the purpose of this article, I’ll call him Tim as I suspect he may prefer to remain anonymous). After reading some of my articles, Tim felt the need to contact me to let me know that I’m way off base on many issues.

He informed me that the real truth is that the physical experience is “Hell” and that he, personally, is counting down the days until he can leave this horrendous place. Tim has many very strong convictions surrounding ideas such as karma, the life after death experience, Gods, Deities and hell. He firmly believes in most of the popular conspiracy theories and also the dire version of the 2012 shift. Tim pointed out to me just how delusional I am in believing that my reality is affected by my perspective and how uncaring I am to be experiencing peace and joy when the entire world around me is in such obvious turmoil. I believe at one point, the term ‘rose colored glasses’ was used.

Using the Law of Attraction to our Benefit

In attempting to explain to Tim my beliefs about how we are always using the law of attraction to create our own version of reality, I came to see that even while engaging in such a discussion, we are indeed using the law of attraction. The law of affinity is present in every experience we could ever encounter.It wasn't lost on me that the fact that I attracted such a dialogue into my reality indeed says much about where I am currently vibrating energetically.

The truth is, despite the fact that they can get somewhat contentious, I absolutely love these types of discussions. So long as the exchange remains civil and courteous, such discourse can pave the way for new insights for both parties. I love debate. I thoroughly enjoy explaining my position and attempting to understand the position of another to see if we can somehow arrive at a mutual agreement or at the very least, an understanding. However, there are simply times where the divergence between perceptions of reality are simply too vast to merge. This was likely one of those cases.

About mid-way through our discussion, it became clear to me that Tim and I actually do live in two very different realities. Tim lives in a reality that he views as being ‘hellish.’ He cannot see how he is using the law of attraction to create this experience for himself. He cannot see how he is using the law of attraction to his detriment. He cannot see that he is using the law of attraction to reinforce his hellish experience.

I tried to explain to Tim that from my perspective, the only hell that exists is the one we find ourselves in when we lack awareness about the power we have to choose the direction of our focus.

I used the analogy of the glass with water in it, telling him; The world is akin to a glass with ‘some’ water in it. You apparently ‘choose’ to focus upon the fact that the glass in half empty, I on the other hand ‘choose’ to focus upon the fact that the glass is half full. Both of us are correct in our observations, the difference merely lies in our perspectives...the choice of our focus.

He responded by telling me that if I cannot see that this world is ‘hell’ then I am simply choosing to ignore the obvious and thus I am ignoring the ‘truth'...essentially, burying my head in the sand. Never before had the poignancy of the old adage, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” hit me so hard. To take it a step further, “Hell is apparently also in the eye of the beholder.”

I ended my conversation with Tim by wishing him well on his endeavors to do what he can to help in this hellish existence before he leaves the physical plane ‘forever.’ (his own words). I came to the realization that while those of us who know about the law of attraction personally may experience its truth and validity on a day to day basis, we cannot help another to understand this if they are simply too far from this vibration.

Indeed, even our thoughts and beliefs vibrate at a certain frequency and when two people hold two different belief systems that are so vastly different in their frequency, the two might as well be speaking to each other in different languages.

This conversation left me feeling so incredibly appreciative of my knowledge and experience regarding the law of affinity. This knowledge truly is liberating in the sense that without it, we are slave to the moment to moment meanderings of our mind.

Activate The Silent Witness Within - Choose the Perspective of the Observer

Using the law of attraction to purposefully create the reality of our dreams becomes much easier when we activate the silent witness or the observer within. From the perspective of the silent witness, all is observed and experienced without the interference of emotion. This perspective offers a vantage point of peace and non-judgment. All is simply accepted ‘as is.’ From this vantage point, if we so choose to don our ‘rose colored glasses’ it becomes as easy as simply making a choice to do so. I must say, I do quite enjoy the rosy hue these lenses tint my world and experience with!

The following quote from spiritual teacher, Jac O’Keefe sums this up perfectly;

“The freedom you look FOR is where you look FROM.”

When we are using the law of attraction to our full advantage, we will choose to view FROM the vantage point of the silent witness within or from the elevated perspective of spirit. When we are using the law of attraction against ourselves to create a reality that is not in alignment with our manifest desires, we will continue to view from the vantage point of judgment and negativity. The choice is always ours.

In short; Using the law of attraction, consciously, to create the reality of our dreams, means actively choosing to view from an elevated perspective.

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