Surprisingly Convenient Ways To Meditate


Although there are many ways to meditate based upon  different types of meditation including seated zazen, primordial sound and transcendental meditation, most forms  of meditation share one fundamental goal and that is to quiet and still mind to become at one with  the present moment.

While physical quietude and solitude are indeed conducive to guiding a busy  mind into single pointed, present moment awareness, you may have found it   difficult to  even   find the tiniest pocket of time where you can be alone and undisturbed by noise or activity  in the midst of your busy day. It’s important to note; If you are someone who finds yourself too busy to meditate, you likely are someone who would  benefit greatly from doing so!

The following descriptions of convenient  ways to meditate will serve you when you don’t have time to set aside, to retreat from the world at large, but still want to enjoy the many benefits inherent in quieting your mind and bringing your awareness to a single pointed focus.

Finding Ways to Meditate Within The Flow Of Your Active Day Is Not Necessarily About Ceasing Engagement With Activity, But Rather, It’s  All About Undivided Focus Of Attention

Traditional meditation involves focusing attention/awareness in a way that brings it right into the heart of this moment and effortlessly maintaining that focus, in each moment that arises and passes to the next. This singular focus means that extraneous thoughts and ideas that would otherwise be arising and falling, and leading to other thoughts and ideas,  are simply no longer present. This absence results in at-one-ment with the moment at hand.

Any activity that that does not require undue thought can serve as a practice for this type of meditation. The following  ways to meditate are likely just the tip of the ice-burg in terms of  the myriad of activities to which a meditative focus can be applied.  The specific activities you perform on a daily basis will likely provide many unique opportunities to become present and singularly focused.


Convenient Ways To Meditate - Driving Meditation


Of all the ways to meditate, this one might just be the most immediately beneficial. Considering the rigors and responsibility inherent in driving and navigating through traffic safely, all of us would do well to be more mindful when we drive. This meditation is not a tuning out at all, but rather a profound ‘tuning in’  to each step necessary for safe and efficient driving and navigating. Tuning in deeply to the present moment activity  in this manner has many other benefits as well, including an elevation of energetic vibration which will be felt almost immediately as a sense of pervasive well-being as well as  physical benefits to the body such as a lowering of heart rate, blood pressure and a general decrease in stress. (Raising your vibration also has the added benefit of harnessing the ever present law of attraction to manifest your desires).


What this meditation involves is simply focusing all of your attention upon the process of driving. If you find your attention wandering to thoughts about what your day ahead will entail or a lunch date several hours away, gently direct it back to the task at hand; Focusing intently upon every minute detail of driving as it arises. A red light ahead. Feel your foot moving to brake. A lane change required, stay with the moment at hand, focusing awareness in its totality upon the task; shoulder checking, signaling, steering the car in the direction you intend to move it. Feel your hands on the smooth surface of the steering wheel, feel your body poised to take action as you sit comfortably in the driver’s seat.  


What you will find as you get into this meditation is that the mundane task of driving, becomes very enjoyable. If you are successful at focusing all of your attention on the task of driving, there will be no space for thoughts or ideas of annoyance about what other drivers are doing, or the wrongness of  anything currently happening in your life. If such thoughts do arise, again, simply acknowledge their arising and then gently, bring your focus back to the process of driving, one moment, one step at a time.

 At first, you may find that your  mind wanders away frequently and again and again you must divert your focus back to the task at hand. Do not worry if this is the case. With practice, even the busiest of minds can be re-trained to stay present to the moment, and the task at hand.

Other Convenient, Easy  Ways To Meditate - Get Creative!

meditation while painting

In the same way the driving meditation uses the task of driving to focus attention minutely, any activity you encounter as you move through your day can serve as such a focal point. Washing the dishes, walking through your neighborhood or house cleaning could all be performed with attention focused solely on the task at hand, thereby facilitating at-one-ment with the present moment.

My favorite time to engage in this type of meditation is while showering and while  painting. There is something about the water while showering that serves as a soothing, uplifting backdrop for mind to focus pointedly on the moment, and the creativity inherent in the artistic painting process provides the perfect back-drop for the thinking mind to get out of the way, to allow the process itself to take over, and thus, give way for the at-one-ment of mind, body, spirit that meditation instills. 


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