What Is Law Of Attraction?

Law of Attraction

What is Law of Attraction? Despite the misguided understandings of some, The Law of Attraction involves more than just wishing for something or affirming it is so,  and then magically having it appear before you.  At its most basic level, Law of Attraction refers to the attractive power  of resonant energies or similar vibrations.  

To answer the question  What is Law of Attraction, it’s important to understand that everything you see, touch, feel, hear, or experience in any way whatsoever, is fundamentally  comprised of a moving, vibrating energy similar to sound  or radio waves in that you cannot see them per se, but can know them by noticing what is appearing to you in experience.

Much the same way that you can only tune into a radio station or particular TV show when the proper channel in tuned in, so too does the vibrating energy that is being referenced in law of attraction teachings, give rise to certain manifestations when alignment or ‘tuning’ happens.

What is Law of Attraction? What Can I Do To  Harness This Law?

Beyond the question, What is the law of attraction, most folks want to know how it can work for them. It’s important to understand that while you likely cannot see the specific energy waves or actual vibration itself being referenced in law of attraction teachings, your feelings and emotions are very keen indicators of your resonance or lack thereof with your desires, and ultimately, with God/Source.

When the vibration of desires or wants align with thoughts, ideas of beliefs  that resonate with those desires/wants,  the result is a palpably felt,  sense of well-being. Thus, it could be said, that when you are feeling good, peaceful, happy, content, joyful or in appreciation,  your thoughts, and thus your personal, energetic vibration is in alignment with all the things in life that you have ever wanted. The degree to which you can maintain a base-line feeling of well being, is the degree to which you will find ease in manifesting all of your desires, quickly and easily into your experience.


The law of attraction could also be called the law of resonance, or the law of affinity. When two like vibrations or  energies exist alongside each other, they gravitate towards one another. Thoughts, feeling and manifestations, all have a particular energetic vibration. What manifests in experience always corresponds to a general environment of  thought/feeling that gave rise to it. If something strongly unwanted happens in your reality, it means that there was an ongoing thought/feeling environment or climate,  that was in resonance with that manifestation, likewise, when something wanted happens, it means there was ongoing resonance with that happening through thought/feeling.

The Law of Attraction And How It Relates to God, Source, All That Is


When answering the question, what is law of attraction, it’s important to also address the question of the Source that gives rise to all of this. What you are is God expressing into experience. Thus, fundamentally, it could be said, you are Love experiencing itself through physicality.

  When desires arise and are met with resonant thoughts and ideas, resonant feelings ensue. This is Love in action. This combined resonance means you are at one with, Source/God, it means there is no separation or obscuring factor present between the physical you and the YOU that is giving expression to this form.

What is law of attraction and what is the role of desire


Desires give rise to movement through experience. Absent desire, or wants of any kind,  being stagnates. Interest in life has desire for expansion at its basis. When one is no longer interested in the creative, expansive  expression of life, depression sets in. Depression, or any feeling below well-being on the emotional scale really,  is an indicator that you are temporarily holding yourself apart in thought, from the truth of your being. Thus, your joy is always an indicator that you are in alignment with the truth of who and what you really are; God, Love,  the One, expressing as a singular, unique individuation.  

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