What Is Nonduality?

So, what is nonduality?

Nonduality is not about having a better experience. It’s about seeing experience for what it is.

Nonduality is not about finding answers to existential questions. It’s about seeing through existential questions.

Nonduality is not about achieving or acquiring a sense of unity between myself as  a person and the entirety of the cosmos, rather, it’s about seeing through the conceptual, limited person/character I have been taking to be “me.” Nonduality is about  realizing that both this conceptual person and the entirety of the appearing cosmos are but an arising appearance within that which I really am.

What Is Nonduality And How Do I Get From Here To There?

One of the most frustrating ideas for a seeker of Truth to hear is that there is no path, no practice that guarantees the realization that there is no separation, that nonduality is the Truth.

The very movement of seeking has inherent to it, the idea that if I just do this or do that, I will arrive at the Truth that will set me free.

In fact, it is that very idea itself that stands in the way of true freedom. In seeking nondual awareness, that which  one is actually seeking for, is the end of not merely seeking, but the end of ‘the seeker’ itself. However, the mind/ego that comprises the movement to seek, has no interest in that and in fact, will fight tooth and nail to keep the seeker in play.

It is often said in nonduality teachings, that no person ever awakens to the Truth. What this means is that inherent in awakening to abiding nondual realization, is the seeing through of personhood. The resultant absence, equals freedom.

The realization of no separation, ‘not two’ means seeing that the person you’ve been identifying with all along,  is itself just an appearance within that which you really are, fundamental consciousness. In essence, we could say that the delusion of personhood, is God/Thingless thing that gives rise to all,  tricking itself.

 In actuality, there is no person that awakens, no person who realizes the truth, no person who sees there is no separation. Instead, there is simply realization, seeing, all absent a thing, who or what, that realizes or sees.

 In the seeing that there is no separation, that there is but one thingless thing, and I am none-other than that,  the person who I previously imagined I was, is clearly seen to be nothing more than an idea.

As an ‘idea’ we continue to engage with the appearing person/character in terms of everyday experience, however, if nondual awareness is indeed “abiding,” that engagement never extends into actual mis-identification again.

The totality of life is lived in the clear seeing that what I am is that which gives rise to all of experience, including the appearing person/character, including all feelings, thoughts, desires, inclinations towards action.  The result is singularity between Self and experience. A seamless, undivided reality. Freedom not just from the confines of believing oneself to be a separate person who is navigating within a separate world.

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