What The Afterlife is Like

I've had glimpses of seeing what the afterlife is like through communication with my deceased brother, Murray, who passed away in 2005. I fully admit though that my knowledge in this area still remains somewhat limited. There is simply no way to know with certainty that my physically based perceptions about what the afterlife is like, are absolutely true and valid.

what the afterlife is like

The strongest message I receive regarding the nature of the afterlife is this; It is beautiful. It is wonderful. It is filled with the highest levels of love and joy we can imagine.

In attempting to convey to me what the afterlife is like, my brother, Murray, stresses to me that we cannot fully grasp and completely understand the realm, concept, vibrational energy of that dimension while we remain physically alive. We can expand our consciousness to the farthest reaches humanly possible and still, our understanding of the life we encounter following physical death, will remain limited. The only way these limits dissolve is through actual physical death. When this occurs, we (as spirit, as consciousness) move into a new mode of experiencing and processing information.

In short, the physical mind has certain limitations in terms of its ability to grasp and conceptualize the properties of the life after death experience. Thus near death experiences and other such instances of expanded consciousness give us 'some' factual knowledge, but a complete understanding of the nature of the non-physical dimension is not possible while we remain physically focused.

what the afterlife is like - through my brother's eyes

In spite of this, Murray has tried to help me to understand the realm he now resides within. His description is limited by language, (no words can adequately describe the beauty he tells me) therefore my greatest understandings regarding what the afterlife is like, have come from telepathic communication with him that involves a transfer of feelings and emotion.

Murray tells me that our human ability to 'feel' energy is our sense that most closely allows us to perceive the characteristics and conditions of the non-physical dimension.

Through this telepathic communication of energy and feelings, these are the understandings regarding conditions of the non-physical realm I've come to understand. This is my perception and understanding of what the afterlife is like;

As in physical life, thoughts, feelings and beliefs play an important role in our experience. The difference is that when we experience life after death in the afterlife, thoughts materialize into creation much more quickly.

Creative 'matter' does in a sense exist in the spirit dimension, but in a different, less dense, less solid manner than in the physical environment. Thoughts create experience in the non-physical dimension, yet this process is experienced as being more direct than in the physical. I get the sense that different properties or laws exist, yet the nature of these properties cannot be grasped through the physical mind or senses.

There is not just one level or dimension within the non-physical realm. Like physical experience, many energetic/vibrational levels and variations exist.

It's much easier in the non-physical dimension to raise your vibration and keep it there. There's less inclination and pull towards negative vibrations, however, as in all experience, dark and light, yin and yang, must exist to some extent for consciousness to know itself, and for experience to occur. A low vibration within the afterlife is much, much higher than a high vibration in the physical realm.

The environmental surroundings one finds himself in when separated from the physical body through death is initially largely dependent upon beliefs, thoughts and visualizations at the time of death. These evolve as one moves through levels of expansion and experiences the higher vibrations. Thoughts and beliefs raise as consciousness expands. This can be a gradual process for some. I got the sense through contact with my brother directly following his death, that his first communications with me occurred from a lower level of vibrational energy than the communications that followed. The vibration I sense around him at present, is higher yet.

I continue to receive glimpses of my brother living an actual life, complete with dwellings, activities, nature settings and other people. Whether this is merely my physically based interpretation or not, I will not know for sure until I experience it myself.

I see my brother doing a sort of mentoring work with younger souls who resemble him at an age where he began experiencing specific troubling issues in his physical life. Perhaps this is his way of ministering to certain aspects of himself requiring expansion, or perhaps this is simply what brings him a feeling of joy and peace at this time.

Like physical life, no individual life after death experience is exactly the same. Everyone of us gets to create our own version of what our reality and experience will be like. To a large extent, we ourselves determine what the afterlife is like.

We are free to travel, level to level, (our vibration grants us access) don a 'body' or not, and expand our consciousness to whatever heights we choose. In this expansion, we can simultaneously inhabit a personality/thought body AND expand beyond it, to know ourselves as pure consciousness. We can focus broadly and minutely all at the same time.

Murray tells me that when I think of him, he receives my thoughts because of our bond of love. Whenever love occurs between two souls, an eternal bond has been created and exists for eternity. There is no separation between souls....ever.

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