Why The Deceased Communicate With Us

Many have asked me why the deceased communicate with us....why do they feel a need to make contact with those they’ve left behind? They do this mostly because they love us and they care about our continued experience here on earth. They do not want us to grieve their passing but rather to embrace the continued, yet different relationship they share with us. The after death contact they make is in an effort to assure us that they live on in spirit. This is clearly the main reason why the deceased communicate with us. I’ve also come to understand from the contact I’ve received from my deceased brother, that many in the afterlife are attempting to enlighten the masses of the physical realm as to the continuation of life after death to help transition earth to a new level of expanded consciousness

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I believe that my brother is actually part of a group of beings who currently reside in the afterlife, who are actively working to provide and spread proof of life after death to those who remain on earth.

I sense him working in tandem with other spiritual beings to help instill the growth and acceptance of this knowledge into the physical realm. During the process of writing my book, (Poppies From Heaven, which will be available in the next coming months), and attempting to find a publisher and even now as I’m entering into activities involving pre-marketing of my book, I can sense him and the group that he’s working with, all focusing their efforts upon assisting me. I had a strong belief from the inception of the idea to write this book that I was surrounded by spirit and was being assisted to bring the book and its message to fruition.

Why the deceased communicate - A continued interest?

I believe that as we approach 2012 and beyond,  a shift of consciousness is rapidly occurring. Those in the afterlife dimension are participating in this growth of consciousness in many ways. Educating us about life after death and about the continuation of spirit, is but one way these souls are contributing to and helping to ensure the global shift in consciousness that is now occurring. The desire and intent to help facilitate this impending global shift highlights another reason why the deceased communicate with us.

The message I receive from spirit regarding the 2012 shift is this; Prepare for a new level of awareness and a new level of acceptance amongst the masses regarding the spiritual source of the physical self. When the physical plane largely accepts this knowledge, there will be no turning back. The physical experience and the entire physical realm is moving up to a new level of vibration. Overall, human consciousness is about to expand to encompass greater amounts of love, understanding, compassion and enlightenment. Knowledge about life after death is an integral part of this.

Simply because our loved ones no longer appear to be a part of our physical life, does not mean that they are not still actively involved in our experience. When a bond of love exists between someone who is deceased and someone who continues to remain physically alive, this bond creates a bridge between the two realms. In death, our loved ones actually become closer to us than ever....the very essence of their spirit merges with ours. Every time we think of them, they hear us and if we are open and of compatible vibration, we will also be able to hear and receive their messages, which flow to us in a constant loving stream.

Proof Of Life After Death

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