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On this website I take a practical approach to new age spirituality, taking  the myriad of  topics I cover, making them  approachable and easy to understand and most importantly, easy to practice and implement in your day to day, moment to moment living of life. 

Self actualization refers to  the manifestation  of your full potential as a human being and  as a spiritual being. 

This actualization is the result of a falling away of the false sense of limitation that plagues most humans.   To truly know Self, is to deeply understand and appreciate the gift of your own uniqueness, but also to understand that who and what you are does not begin nor end with your physicality.

Do you have personal, experiential reference for what it means to embrace the spirit within? Would you like to?

Inherent in new age spirituality, is the seeing that your unique, one of a kind, individuation, does not exist apart from spirit. To truly be spiritually self aware and self actualized,  is to recognize and embrace your inherent Godliness. It is from this place of recognition that we are then able to truly rest in spiritual wellness.

Largely, new age spirituality  is about coming to realize the unlimited nature of your being and to thus,  experience first hand what it means to be at one with God/Source. ..

Down To Earth
New Age Spirituality

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The topics I cover on this site,   all for the purpose of  supporting spiritual wellness and self actualization through the understandings inherent in new age spirituality, cover a wide range. 

My aim is to explain and share what I have come to experience first hand,  in a no nonsense manner, that is easy to grasp and apply without a lot of fuss.

Are you suffering with prolonged unshakeable grief, following the death of your loved one? Do you  wish  to learn how to  connect with a loved one who has passed?

Do you struggle to find ongoing happiness, experiencing only sporadic glimpses of joy, interspersed between frequent episodes of low mood?

Do you hold yourself to a standard much more harsh than the standard which you hold others to?

Do you hold a strong desire that continues to evade you, despite strong effort to bring it into manifestation?

Emotional suffering has many faces. At the root of it all, a belief in limitation.   The new age spiritual  articles I write on this site,   all have one thing in common, and that is, they all  speak to that sense of personal limitation so many harbor,  to offer a much grander, more expansive perspective; a vantage point where it is possible to receive and understand the wisdom of spirit.

 The loss of loved ones through death is understandably  the cause of deep  grief and prolonged sadness for many. My own numerous experiences involving after death communication following the death of my brother, have shown me that while physical life may indeed be temporary, and finite,  the spirit within is eternal. 

These experiences served me greatly, as they offered me tangible proof of life after death, thereby alleviating much of my great sense of loss over my brother's death.  

In addition to  articles about these  life after death experiences, I also write about  psychic abilities, living the law of attraction, and the more general topic of spiritual new age wisdom, which covers sub-topics such as; spiritual awakening, psychic phenomenonsynchronicitychanneling spirit, and more.

  When you, as a spiritual seeker become self actualized,  you come to the manifestation of your greatest potential, but you also   experience the reality of one mind, one spirit. Your adeptness at communicating with deceased loved ones,  utilizing psychic abilities and generally,  harnessing and applying the law of attraction,  is merely a natural consequence of realizing yourself to be a spiritual being, at one with God/Source.   

 Spiritual Wellness - The Path Of Least Resistance

Embracing Life

I’ve found personally that the path of least resistance  towards spiritual wellness is the path of self love.  Through compassionate self inquiry and adopting an accepting and compassionate attitude towards that which we have come to know as ‘self,’ we open the door to a softening of ego, and thus allow the light of spirit to shine in and lift the veil.

The result is an expansion of consciousness, a movement closer to self actualization  and an experiential knowing that we are, at our core, powerful creators,  spirit, God, Oneness, Source, (whatever label you prefer), having a temporary experience as a human being.

I don’t profess to have all the answers, in fact, I’ve come to see that as we grow and expand in our spiritual understanding, and move deeper into spiritual wellness,   hard and pat answers simply do not exist, but nor are they necessary.  

True freedom means  being completely okay with not having it all sewn up in terms of absolute answers. To say “I do not know” and to be okay with that, is liberating beyond belief and it leaves the door open to explore unhindered, the wealth of infinite possibility that exists. 


If you are looking for tools to support your exploration of new age spirituality,   visit my  products page, all products are designed and created to support spiritual wellness.  One of my most popular is “A Course In After Death Communication.” I’ve been thrilled to  receive an abundance of feedback from folks telling me how well it’s worked in helping them to connect with their loved ones in spirit.

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